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3 Questions to ask your potential real estate agent

Buying or selling a property is a crucial decision with huge financial implications. If you are a buyer, you want to be sure that the property is worth every penny you put in. If you are selling, you want the numbers to reflect the best price you could get for the property. 

Achieving the satisfaction of an excellent deal depends on hiring the right real estate agent. But how do you decide that your choice will meet your expectations?

Do your research

Before settling on a real estate agent, it is important to do comprehensive research. You may want to go the easy way by asking friends or acquaintances for references and details on agents they have worked with. You may also opt for an independent search by visiting online realtor directories and following up on the agent’s résumé.

Note that identifying a prospective agent is only the first step in your search. You still need to verify the professional quality of a potential agent direct from the agent themselves. These three broad questions will do the trick.

Question #1:  What experience do you have as a real estate agent?

Let’s assume that your background check has confirmed the professional authenticity of the agent. Now, your first question should inquire about their work experience. You may want to know if the agent is a newbie or a veteran in the field.

If you go by the latter, find out if the agent has sold houses in the area you are interested in and what kind of deals they have made. Also, ask if the deals were related to residential or investment properties. Their answer to these will determine if they indeed have the expertise in your particular interest.

If your potential agent is a beginner, rely on the quality of their professional preparation and on their vision. Ask them what they think they can do for you as a first-time real estate agent.

Question #2: What are the current market prospects?

This key question tests the agent’s knowledge of the prevailing real estate market trends. You want to know what property deals are available to you in the area of interest, the average time it takes to sell or buy a property, and the range of differences between the asking and selling price. If the agent can refer you to concrete transactions as examples, then you are in good hands.

Question #3:  What should I expect from you?

Through this question, you are indirectly asking the agent to confirm to you that they will deliver. You also want to hear that they will commit to the task up to completion, that they can manage their time well and not neglect your real estate transaction just because they have too many clients. You may also expect the agent to mention their charges for the work.

In a way, you are subtly asking your potential agent to tell you their success story – the number of houses they have sold or past clients who were happy with their work. If their track record is phenomenal and this is confirmed by your personal research into them, then you may have found the agent who can help you fulfill your real estate requirements.

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