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Meet the Agents

Stephanie Clark

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Donna Duvall

Donna Duvall

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Doug Earlenbaugh

Doug Earlenbaugh

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Michah Cummings

Micah Cummings

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Steve Hadder

Steve Hadder

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Perrin Duvall

Perrin Duvall

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Sean Mcpherson

Sean McPherson

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Jean Johnson

Jean Johnson

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Meet the Sales Staff

Kristin (Harrell) Bowles

Team Manager & Closing Manager

Phone: 757-481-0441 Ext. 5165

Email: Kristin(at)StephanieClarkAndTeam(dotted)com

Hanson Hatcher

Buyer Specialist

Phone: 757-718-4072

Email: HansonHatcher(at)remax(dotted)net

Jessica Hedspeth

Marketing Coordinator

Phone: 757-481-0441 Ext. 5158

Email: Jessica(at)StephanieClarkAndTeam(dotted)com

Rebecca Clark

Listing Coordinator

Phone: 757-481-0441 Ext. 5162

Email: Rebecca(at)StephanieClarkAndTeam(dotted)com

Stacey Watson

Client Care Coordinator

Phone: 757-481-0441 Ext. 5161

Email: Stacey(at)StephanieClarkAndTeam(dotted)com

Erin Henderson

Communications Coordinator

Phone: 757-481-0441 Ext. 5172

Email: Erin(at)StephanieClarkAndTeam(dotted)com

Rochelle Heron

Closing Coordinator & Bookkeeper

Meet the Property Management Staff

Mary Kenworthy

Property Manager

Phone: 757-481-0441 Ext. 5161

Email: mary(at)stephanieclarkandteam(dotted)com

Sandra Keeve

Assistant Property Manager

Phone: 757-481-0441 Ext. 5171

Email: PropertyManagement(at)StephanieClarkAndTeam(dotted)com

Sarah Loiercio

Client Coordinator

Phone: 757-481-0441 Ext. 5163

Email: pminfo(at)StephanieClarkAndTeam(dotted)com

Jill Beninato

Leasing Coordinator

Phone: 757-481-0441 Ext. 5159

Email: pmadmin(at)stephanieclarkandteam(dotted)com

Brooke Davenport

Repair Coordinator

Phone: 757-481-0441 Ext. 5164

Email: brooke(at)stephanieclarkandteam(dotted)com

Vinny Valentini

Rental Showing Agent

Phone: 757-481-0441

Email: admin(at)StephanieClarkAndTeam(dotted)com

Christy Dickerson

Inspection Coordinator

Phone: 757-481-0441 Ext. 5173

Email: christy(at)stephanieclarkandteam(dotted)com

Meet the Support Staff

Shamika Parrish

Front Desk Coordinator

Connie Schultheis

Field Coordinator

Perrin Bradshaw

After-Hours Receptionist

Meet the Stagers

Amy Bondi

Head Stager

Maggie Caldwell


Shannon Duff


Chris Capetenakis