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5 reasons to work with a military-friendly real estate agent

No matter your situation, working with a real estate agent makes everything a lot easier. This is especially true for military homebuyers because they have specific needs to consider and special benefits they can avail.

If you are a military homebuyer, here are 5 reasons to hire military-friendly real estate agent:

  1. They can work on a tight deadline
  2. Since active-duty members travel all the time, they don’t have a lot of time to buy or sell a home. Military-friendly real estate agents understand these specific needs and can work efficiently on tight deadlines. From finding a home to getting all the required documents, they can do in days what could take other real estate agents weeks to do.

  3. They can help you easily get a loan
  4. Many real estate lenders are familiar with Veterans Affairs (VA) loans, but not all know enough to be reliable.A military-friendly real estate agent can setyou up with a reputable lender who knows all about them. They can tell you everything from theeligibility requirements to the benefits they offer, and can also offer you the best terms so that you can get started immediately.

    To add, they can even help you shop for other loans and programs that could suit you better. These include those offered by the Federal Housing Finance Agency,Virginia Housing Development Authority, and Military Housing Assistance Fund.

  5. They make sure that a condo is VA-approved
  6. Condos need to meet some standards to be VA-approved. These are:

    • 50% of the units must already be rented out
    • 75% of the units of new condo projects and those recently converted from apartments must be sold
    • 85% of the unit owners pay their HOA dues on time

    A military-friendly real estate can make sure that a condo meets these requirements. They will also check if it is currently listed as approved on the VA’s website before closing in on it. If not, then they can find you one that is.

  7. They consider special needs
  8. Military-friendly real estate agents understand that many military homebuyers have specific physical and mental needs. These agents gobeyond things like size and location, and are committed to getting them a comfortable home. For example, they can help disabled veterans and those with PTSD find a home they can easily move around in. They can also assist them with getting housing grants that are available to them.

  9. They keep you informed no matter what
  10. Due to several reasons, many military homebuyers can’t always attend viewings or be around for negotiations. Military-friendly real estate agents understand this, and they have ways to handle these situations. Whether it is dealing with electronic documents or providing a video tour, they will do everything to keep you in the loop no matter what.

Work with a military-friendly real estate agent today

The military makes major sacrifices to serve our country every day, and the least we can do is help them find a safe and comfortable home. Contact us today to speak with a military-friendly real estate agent who understands your needs and can get you the right home fast.