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5 Reasons why Virginia Beach is a great place for families

Virginia Beach ranks high in the region as one of the best vacation spots for families, but it goes beyond that. This resort town is also the perfect home for families, no matter the size.

Here are five reasons why Virginia Beach is a great place for families to live.

  1. The weather is relatively mild.

    Virginia Beach’s coastal location means you can enjoy relatively mild climate throughout the year. Summers can be cool thanks to the sea breeze, while winter temperatures average at around 42.4°F.

  2. It’s a safe city!

    You can rest easy in Virginia Beach as the local population is friendly. Families are not the only ones moving in− Virginia Beach is popular among millennials and retirees as well. And since the city is home to a number of military installations, a significant chunk of the local community is made up of active-duty personnel and civilian employees.

    As of the date of this writing, Virginia Beach’s crime rate is 14 percent below the national average. This is definitely a place where you can let your kids play on the streets.

  3. There are plenty of schools to choose from.

    When it comes to educational opportunities and options, Virginia Beach doesn’t disappoint. There are over 80 public schools in the city, ran by the Virginia Beach City Public Schools (VBCPS). This makes VBCPS one of the largest school districts in Virginia.

    Furthermore, Virginia Beach is also home to several private schools, satellite college campuses, and finally, two universities.

  4. There are thousands of acres of green space in the city.

    Virginia Beach isn’t all about the beach. If you or any one of your family members are not fond of the sea but would still like to enjoy some outdoor recreation, all you need to do is head out to one of Virginia Beach’s 210 city parks. Yes, 210! In total, these city parks cover approximately 4,000 acres of land. There is more than enough space for kids (and the young at heart) to play and for adults to relax or socialize.

    Learn more about parks and recreation in Virginia Beach here.

  5. Virginia Beach is also pet-friendly.

    Pets are also part of the family, and in Virginia Beach, they are 100 percent welcome. There are dedicated dog parks scattered around the city. You just need to secure a dog park pass from the local government office to access these facilities.

    For more information about dog-friendly parks and beaches in Virginia Beach, click here.

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