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5 words that make your home stand out in listings

Wording can make all the difference in marketing. It’s an art in itself, and your choice of words caneither make your home stand out amongst competing listings or cause  it stay on the marketlonger than it should. But knowing exactly what words boost interest can be a challenge.

Here are 5 effective words you can use toquickly get eyes on your home:

  1. Spacious
  2. Homebuyers are constantly on the lookout for a home that can fit all their needs. Whether they are young professionals or a growing family, they want as much space as they can afford. Grab their attention by using “spacious” to convey comfort and freedom.

    You can even use it for your garden or front yard to give the impression that there is plenty of space to move around outside. Meanwhile, using it to describe the attic or basement says that the home has a lot of storage space. Other similar words you can use include “large”, “wide” and “roomy”.

  3. Turnkey
  4. A popular term in home searches, “turnkey” refers to a property that is complete and ready for living. Homebuyers normally prefer these move-in ready homes over fixer-uppers because they take a lot of time and effort to prepare. Turnkey homes also make it easier for homebuyers to imagine living thereand personalizing it to suit their needs.

  5. Beautiful
  6. “Beautiful” is one of the most common and powerful words in marketing. All homebuyers want to live in a good-looking home, so using it can grab their attention. Make the most out of the word by using it to describe areas like the kitchen, living room, and backyard. You can also use words like “magnificent” or “gorgeous” to describe the more luxurious areas.

  7. Spotless
  8. A clean home is a must when marketing it. Let homebuyers know that your home is free of dirt and dust by using the word “spotless”. Back this up by posting photos that prove that every corner of your home looks presentable. In particular, highlight high-traffic areas like the bathroom and kitchen.

  9. Upgraded
  10. Let everyone know if you have made any upgrades to areas like the bathroom or kitchen. Using the word “upgraded” tells potential buyers that you’ve made improvements to outdated features. This is a great deal for them because it saves them from some hefty renovation costs.

Words to avoid

Avoid words that sound negative like “small”, “tight”, or “old”. Even seemingly harmless descriptors such as “cozy” or “up-and-coming” don’t work because they hint at negative aspects. Also, do not describe your home as “ugly but cute” or “freshly painted” because they could give the wrong idea.

Market your home effectively by hiring a real estate agent

Knowing the right words to use is one of the keys to effective real estate marketing. Our expert team at Stephanie Clark Real Estate knows exactly what to say to connect to homebuyers. Contact us today so you can sell your home in no time.