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Best places for brunch in Chesapeake, VA


Chesapeake has evolved into a culinary destination, offering a melting pot of different dining styles and cultures. Take brunch, for example. Locals can argue no place in Virginia does it better. Here are six of the best brunch spots in the city.

  1. The Egg Bistro

    If you want breakfast favorites, The Egg Bistro is one of the places you should check out. Get one of their hearty breakfast meals, opt for a delicious breakfast bowl, or try one of their healthier options. These three are just the start, however, as The Egg Bistro’s day menu is long and impressive, packed with so many choices!

  2. Sunrise Breakfast Shoppe

    If you want traditional American fare in a classic diner setting, Sunrise Breakfast Shoppe should definitely be on your itinerary. But if you want to try out something new, check out their Filipino-style breakfast meals. Word has it that their adobo omelet is absolutely divine, and so are their sweet potato pancakes. Come by before 2 PM for a different kind of brunch.

  3. Pop’s Diner Co.

    Pop’s Diner Co. prides itself for being the best breakfast diner in Chesapeake and Virginia Beach, and with good reason! Dig into the classic Pop’s Combo Omelet, try out their country-fried steak, or indulge your sweet tooth with the Cinnamon Roll Pancakes. You can also keep it healthy by ordering a plate of fresh fruit on the side.

  4. D’cracked Egg

    D’Cracked gets rave reviews for its weekend brunch buffet with all the breakfast staples. For about 10 bucks, you can eat all the eggs, pancakes, bacon, and potatoes you can handle. The best part is that D’cracked Egg is a locally owned mom n’ pop-style diner where you will always feel right at home.

  5. Pancakes N Things

    Pancakes N Things has been around for quite some time. Over the years, this brunch spot has amassed a following. We completely understand why. The pancakes and even the Greek offerings here hit all the right spots. It’s easy to see why it has become a Chesapeake institution in its own right.

  6. Nix

    Many pass by Nix thinking it’s just another restaurant in Chesapeake, but don’t miss out. This is one of the best places to get brunch (actually, breakfast all day) in the city! The unassuming exterior of Nix hides culinary treasures, including their Manhattan skillet, broad range of fluffy pancakes, Smithfield Omelet, and more. The best part is you don’t have to pay much for such great food. Patrons have also lauded Nix for their excellent customer service and the restaurant’s warm diner atmosphere.

Now you know where to get brunch in Chesapeake, VA

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