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Great Virginia Beach neighborhoods to live in

What is not to love about “America’s First Region,” Virginia Beach? This coastal city has some of the cleanest and most breathtaking beaches facing the crystal blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean. It is the scene of many prestigious beach soccer and surfing tournaments. You also have a hodgepodge of state parks, golf courses, military bases, historic places, commercial districts, and academic institutions all in one place. Living here is like having an entire cross-section of America right outside your doorstep.

If you want all that Virginia Beach can offer and more, here are 5 of its best neighborhoods where you can settle in and call home:

The suburban Kempsville

The suburban neighborhood of Kempsville has plenty of amenities for a comfortable out-of-town lifestyle. The neighborhood is perfect for families seeking a warm community environment, as well as professionals seeking small-town solace in a home not too far from their workplace.

Families with kids have several school options in the area. Notable schools here include Arrowhead Elementary School, Kempsville High School, and Oak Tree Academy.

Enjoy the public spaces of Kempsville like Mount Trashmore Park and City View Park. They also have shopping districts and great restaurants serving dishes from exotic Chinese cuisine to Italian favorites.

The ranch-style Alanton

Alanton is characterized by ranch-style homes constructed on former agricultural lands. People can find isolated upscale properties with a countryside appeal here. Great ocean view properties can also be found at the cape of the land that extends into the Lynnhaven River. Alanton Elementary School, together with the community pool at Alanton Baycliff Recreation Center, serve as the heart of the neighborhood. Residents here can visit the more serene Broad Bay and Linkhorn Bay to cool off, away from the hectic tourism activity in Virginia Beach.

The historic Thoroughgood

This neighborhood stands out for its beautifully constructed brick homes and ranch homes. It is conveniently walkable, owing to the locale’s shady tree-lined streets. Properties here are highly sought-after because of the area’s calm and safe environment, as well as its proximity to major highways, shopping centers, and Chick Beach. Most students here go to Thoroughgood Elementary School and Independence Middle School, both highly regarded for academic excellence. The Adam Thoroughgood House is a special landmark in the area and a symbol of the great history of Virginia Beach.

The exclusive Ashville Park

Ashville Park can be described as the pearl of Virginia Beach for being one of its premier and largest neighborhoods. New constructions are a-plenty here, decked with some of the most modern features. Central to the community is The LakeHousewhich brings residents together through the exclusive use of amenities like a saltwater pool and fitness facilities. The Princess Anne schools for elementary, middle school, and high school students are among the top-ranked and highly sought-after educational institutions in Ashville. Sandbridge Beach is only a few minutes from this neighborhood.

The lake-ocean Lago Mar

Lago Mar (or Lagomar) is a neighborhood in the southern side of Virginia Beach. Named for its proximity to Brinson Inlet Lake (“lago”) and the Atlantic Ocean (“mar”), it is dotted with many stately mansions, mostly found by the waterfront. Homeowners can enjoy sunbathing on Sandbridge Beach during summer. Among the prominent amenities in the neighborhood are the Red Mill Commons Shopping Center and the highly rated Kellam High School. The Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge provides a wonderful backdrop for this neighborhood as it allows for nearby camping and nature appreciation.

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