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How to use Facebook to sell your home

Almost everyone in the world has a Facebook account. Knowing the mind-shattering reach of this social media giant, it can be used as a beneficial marketing tool for selling homes.

Understanding Facebook

An April 2019 report by on “the most famous social network sites” states that there are more than 2.3 billion active users of Facebook. It’s not hard to see why:

  • Facebook is bigger than any other social platform. It has already swallowed all the smaller fishes in the industry possessing similar features, including Twitter and WhatsApp. That’s why people can connect with others here more than anywhere else.
  • You can find whoever and whatever you are looking for at any time via Facebook.
  • Facebook posts virtually all forms of feed – images, texts, and videos, to name a few.

These reasons are exactly what makes Facebook a viable platform for selling your home. Here’s how you can do it.

  1. Best to have a real estate agent who knows how to maximize Facebook
  2. Of course, a real agent who knows the marketing potential of Facebook better than you would be a big plus in your real estate transaction. They should be familiar with the app’s ever-changing algorithms and must use it on a regular basis – not just for selfies.

  3. Familiarize yourself with Facebook algorithms
  4. On Facebook, videos get more attention than still images. If you want to take advantage of the magic these Facebook algorithms can conjure, how about posting videos of you showing the virtual viewer around your abode? Don’t forget to let the camera pan toward spectacular views from your home if you have one.

  5. Eye candy
  6. We already established that Facebook algorithms tend to put more weight on visuals than text. Especially since you are selling your home, posting descriptive imagery about it a la F. Scott Fitzgerald (The Great Gatsby) will still not get the engagement you need compared with high-def photos of specific parts of your home. Better yet, get the services of a professional photographer to capture the best angles of your home. You can use their photos for your Facebook posts and your real estate agent’s marketing campaign.

  7. No links
  8. Sure, the temptation to post a link of your online listing to Facebook is strong – but don’t give in to it. You’ll only be getting less online traffic by doing so. Instead, just be straightforward by posting the best image of your home for sale. That way, you entice curious potential buyers into wanting to see more. Once they signify interest in the comment section, you can then reply by putting in your links to the listing or to your realtor’s website.

  9. Facebook ads are your friend
  10. You don’t have to break the bank to post a Facebook ad. You can have an ad posted for as low as $5 a day. These can be particularly helpful in reaching out not just to the most people but to the right kind of people within a certain radius from your area. Choose the best pictures of your home to feature per ad, together with a short description. Once you’re done with the finer details, sit back and see your online traffic grow.

  11. Drone footage makes the best posts
  12. Even your real estate agent will agree – real estate videos taken by drones generate the most interest among online users. This is especially useful for ranch owners looking to sell their property or luxury homeowners with homes by a body of water or a spectacular mountain view.

If you want a great partner with enough Facebook savvy in getting your home sold, then get in touch with our team at Stephanie Clark Real Estate!