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Life in Norfolk, VA

NorthfolkNorfolk is among the oldest of the Hampton Roads’ Seven Cities and is widely considered to be the metro area’s cultural, historical, and financial center. It is home to the largest naval base in the world, as well as the North American Headquarters for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

Once known as a Navy town with a rich history in military and transportation, it has undergone a remarkable transformation in recent years. Today it features some of the finest museums, restaurants, and outdoor attractions in the state.

Downtown Norfolk is filled with unique, chef-driven restaurants and independently owned stores. Town Point Park, a waterfront recreational area, is the focal point of concerts and other seasonal events, while the Norfolk Botanical Garden showcases camellias, pansies, and other flowers throughout the year. The Chrysler Museum of Art harbors a valuable collection of artworks.

Known for its beautiful summers, the city is a beach destination, boasting over 144 miles of pristine shoreline, including seven miles of spectacular Chesapeake Bay beachfront. With the Bay, Atlantic Ocean, and countless rivers surrounding the city, Norfolk commands stunning views of the water from several vantage points.

Norfolk has a population of a little over 244,000 based on 2017 estimates. It shares borders with the neighboring cities of Chesapeake and Virginia Beach, and encompasses 66 square miles. It gets its name from a natural harbor on the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay.

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Living in Norfolk, VA

  • Waterside District

    Norfolk’s revitalized waterfront is lined with popular chain restaurants like Stripers Bar & Grille, Cogan’s Pizza, and Luk Fu. Concerts, food markets, and seasonal events take place here throughout the year.

  • Ocean View Beach

    The beach is great for swimming and kayaking. Hikers and joggers can often be found along the coastline. Ocean View Beach Park, one of three community beach parks maintained by the city, spans 6.5 acres. It has a boardwalk and plenty of green spaces. Concerts take place here during the summer months.

  • Maple Avenue/Ocean View Dog Park

    This fully fenced park offers plenty of open spaces for your four-legged friends to wander in. Seats are available for dog owners.