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Tips to sell your home for the highest possible price

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We know you want to get top dollar from selling your house. While market forces are beyond our control, there are several things you can do so you can sell your property for the highest possible price. The following tips will definitely help.

  1. Show off your space by decluttering

    It can be hard for a potential buyer to see exactly what your home has to offer when it’s still filled with your belongings. That’s why you need to declutter and depersonalize the home.

    This doesn’t mean shoving everything you can into closets, the attic, or the basement (buyers may want to see those spaces too). Instead, rent some storage space to tuck some things away. Alternatively, you can also sell or donate items you no longer use.

    Putting everything you own away is extreme, but think from the perspective of a buyer and try to figure out what features of a home you’d want to see and go from there.

  2. Don’t forget to fix the little things

    When you’ve been in your living space for a long time, you tend to let little things fly under your radar. Sometimes, they simply stop bothering you. But someone who is looking at your home for the first time might pick up on every dent, scratch, crack, and chip they see. Such signs of damage could affect a buyer’s offer price and worse, be a deal breaker.

    If you’re taking the time to repair the big things (and you should!), it only makes sense to work on the smaller details, too.

  3. Get professional help

    A real estate agent helps you during the selling process, but when it comes to improving your property for sale, you should call on outside help to detect and help fix any issues that could lower your property’s value.

    Property inspectors and repairmen are an additional expense, but their insight and expertise could make the difference between selling for top dollar and settling for thousands less.

  4. Know the prices in your area

    There’s a fine line between getting the most for your property and pricing yourself out of the market. If your real estate agent is knowledgeable of your neighborhood, they’ll have a good idea of how much similar homes in the area are selling for.

    With this knowledge, they can assess where your home’s value stands in comparison and give you a solid estimate on what the upper limits of your sales price should be. The price may be lower than you were hoping for but will also be more realistic.

  5. Be honest with your listing

    If you’ve spent any time reading through property listings, you may have noticed that every feature is described in over-the-top terms. Sometimes, they’re hardly detailed.

    Overselling any aspect of your home makes you look dishonest, while underselling can drive interested buyers away. So, make the information in the listing as accurate as possible.

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