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Top attractions in Norfolk, VA

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Throughout its history, Norfolk has been a major transport hub and travel destination for people living all over the US. But beyond being an important transit point, the city itself is always alive with activity. Whether you’re a foodie or an artist, a sailor or a dancer, Norfolk has something for everyone to enjoy.

  1. Harrison Opera House

    One of the standouts of Norfolk’s bustling performing arts scene is the Harrison Opera House. Formerly a USO theater in World War 2, it has since been renovated into a lavish opera with over 1600 seats. Every season boasts performances by the Virginia Opera, one of the most highly-regarded opera companies in the country. The Virginia Symphony Orchestra also performs here.

  2. Norfolk Downtown Waterfront

    Downtown Norfolk’s waterfront area hosts various activities throughout the year. You can also hop aboard one of the chartered sailboats to get a different look at the city and Chesapeake Bay. Another thing to do is to sign up for a harbor cruise. You can choose from a historical narrated tour of the area and nearby naval base to private charter cruises where you and your friends can wine and dine without the worry of a crowd.

  3. Norfolk Botanical Garden

    See a side of Norfolk in full bloom at the Norfolk Botanical Garden. Covering a total of 175 acres, this sprawling attraction is actually the largest garden of its kind in Virginia. See the fields of flowers, as well as the Children’s Garden and the Butterfly House. Explore the entire garden on foot, by tram, or on a boat.

  4. Hampton Roads Naval Museum

    The best place to get to know Norfolk’s naval history is the Hampton Roads Naval Museum. It is run by the US Navy. Check out the Museum Gallery to see various artifacts from the 18th century such as an 18-pound cannon from the USS Constellation up close.

  5. The Birch

    Did you know that Norfolk has a number of craft breweries? And did you know that one of them, The Birch, was named one of the top five beer destinations in America? Sample The Birch’s fine selection of craft beer on tap along with a board of artisan cheeses and charcuterie.

  6. Chrysler Museum of Art

    If you are a fan of Modernism, drop by Chrysler Museum of Art. It houses over 3000 artworks and artifacts, including works by Georgia O’Keefe, Jackson Pollock, Alexander Calder, Vic Pickett, and contemporary artists from different parts of the globe.

  7. The Virginia Zoo

    The Virginia Zoo is definitely one of Norfolk’s most popular attractions. More than a hundred years old, it has gardens and a plethora of impressive animal exhibits.

  8. Epic Weekend

    There’s a lot going on in Norfolk at any given time, but you can sample a little bit of everything if you visit during Epic Weekend. For three days every year, the city is host to a number of music and food festivals, street parties, and live entertainment for all ages.

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